unexpected reboot epmp1000

Hello, I have a similar problem, my network begins with a PTP from site A to site B, made epmp1000c, then Site B have a ptmp again the AP is a epmp1000c, one of the SM (Site C) He also is a epmp1000c after the site C to site D I have other PTP epmp1000c finally on the site D I have other ptmp which also has the AP one epmp1000c, the problem is that the latter AP restarts every time the traffic exceeds 2Mbps, including SM also has restarted, now have limited the "broadcast packet rate" = 100 and apparently the issue is resolved, you will have information on this issue?

What firmware are you running? I know the latest firmware had bug. We fixed our issues with the next beta firmware. 

 2.6.1-RC5 worked. 

Yeah, try the 2.6.1 RC5 firmware in the ePMP beta area.