Unexpectedly Low Throughput PMP 450 3.65 Sector.....?

We recently decided to make the switch from Ubiquiti 3.65 AP's to the new 450 Cambium equipment. We ordered 5 SM's licensed for 20MBps aggregate for testing and deployed an AP.

Our first test site only seems to be pulling around 8 Down and 3 up. However when we do link caps we're seeing over 40 Meg down and 10 up. At the base of the tower we have well over 50 meg and the AP, BH, and even  the SM we're testing are plugged into Gigabit ethernet. 

No traffic shaping is enabled..... What's the deal?

We've got a -68 on the tower, and a -70 at the SM with a reflector.  No re-reg's in 7 days. Radio has an 8x6x link

Just a few questions....

  • Are you using 13.4 on both the AP and the SM's?
  • Are you using bridge mode or NAT mode on the SM's?
  • You say you're not using QoS on the SM's, can you post a screen shot or list all the settings/values on the QoS page of the SM in question?
  • What are you using to test speeds? iperf?
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It ended up being an upstream routing issue. Thanks for the prompt response though!