Unexplained reboots on 450M


We're having an issue with one of our 450M units where it will reboot for seemingly no reason.
This has been ongoing issue for a little over a month now, with anywhere from 2-12 days between reboots.
Our setup is router -> Netonix -> Sync Injector -> AP
We've replaced the cable from the AP to the Sync Injector, the patch cable from the Sync Injector to the Netonix, we've tried different ports on both the Sync Injector and the Netonix.

We haven't had this issue with either of the two other 450M units on this tower, sharing the same Sync and Netonix.

Looking through our logs I can see that right around the time when the AP reboots we receive the following message:

450m: - - - event; auth_idle; user=admin; from=xx.xx.xx.xx; port=63283;

That x'd address is out of our office.

I can't find anything related to this event message but I suspect that maybe it's just killing some kind of idle session and is probably not relevant to our problem.

Any ideas?  Support files available if needed.

This type of problem (reboots) are usually root caused to one of three issues. Either hardware fault (i.e. the 450m has failed somewhere), the Power Supply or the cabling.

However, it's really difficult to tell without digging into it much deeper. I would suggest you open a support ticket and work with our support staff to dig in.

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We have had similar issue with a 40m cat6 ethernet cable with the original cambium PSU: when running on batteries the voltage drops a little bit causing the reboot of the farest 450M the others work correctly with shorter cable.

So check the voltage maybe is a little bit lower than 48V

I hope this may helps you


Upon looking at the input voltage for our sync injector I saw that it was sitting at 47V.
I don't think our cable run for this AP is much longer than to the other APs being powered off of the same injector but I've increased the voltage being sent up the tower anyway.  That sync injector now has 48V input, so we'll see if the issue persists.