Unidentified problem in ePMP 4600 - force 4625

We have a scheme:

The problem is that at any time in this scheme, Internet 1 and 2 stop working. Vlans for Internet 1, 2, 3, 4 are used differently.

When Internet 1 and 2 do not work, then on the AP in the Monitor - Wireless menu item I press the Deregister button for the SM 2, and Internet 1 and 2 immediately starts working.

After connecting SM 2, after an arbitrary time, Internet 1 and 2 stop working again. Internet 3 and 4 always works.

What could be the problem?

Hello @madmax123,

is SM1 reachable when Internet 1 and 2 stop working? I mean, can you access it via GUI or SSH?
If yes, PM me, please, a techsupport file when it does not work.
Is switch 1 reachable when Internet does not work?
What kind of subscribers do you have for Internet 1 and 2? Is it like an average home user? Or maybe some IoT devices?

hi @aka

yes, SM1 is reachable

yes, switch 1 is reachable

subscribers Internet 1 and 2 is simple internet, not IoT

I wanted to collect and provide you with a technical support file from the devices. But I see that the problem has not been observed for several days. Once the problem is reproduced again, I will provide the necessary data.

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Thank you for update, @madmax123!

the issue can be your setup specific. You always can Raise Ticket in the top right of this page. It is free of charge and our engineer can help you in remote session format!

What is on the APs network port?

This seems like a spanning-tree issue, do you have the radios participating in spanning-tree or LLDP? If so try disabling one at a time to see if that resolves your issue.