Universal Pole Mounts

Where you guys getting your mounts from at a decent cost. 


I get the  20" from KPPerformance and the larger 38" ones from Skywalker.com



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We've been getting all ours from Skywalker lately (both tall and short). They changed to a new design recently, which are some of the nicest ones out there, in my opinion.

we've been using just skywalker as well. the new design is awesome and allows to correct side to side level somewhat.

Are  the shorter ones from skywalker the new design as well?  I know the taller ones are the new design.  I stopped using skywalker for my mounts because they were made of such small gauge metal that they bent easily.

They come in 21 and 38 inch, haven’t had a problem eith the 21 inch holding force 110s and kp reflectors. We dont use the 38" for those

It's hard to beat this deal at MoWiNet.  The KP reflectors fit them if you're into that sort of thing and they are reasonably sturdy for the price.

They don't last long close to the ocean though.