Unpaid customer

I have a customer that has not paid and want to temporary disable there Internet.

Hi. I'm not sure if this is possible on ePMP or not, but on another brand of radios we used before, we could put a firewall rule into them like this....

> forward tcp to 80 from any to any 80 out via wpci1

With that rule in the cutomer's SM, all their web browsing (port 80) would be redirected to our server at and that server shows them a page saying "Please call the billing department at xxx-xxxx" on it.  If your doing RADIUS, then could be your billing server where he can pay his outstanding bill, and that could trigger a script to remove the firewall rule.


Of course, since that was just port 80, that kept their email and SSL and other things still working - and if that doesn't get any attention from them, we'd change the rule to this...  (all ports)

> forward any to from any to any out via wpci1

So - I'm not sure if that same sort of thing is possible with ePMP exactly, but we always found that was better and more effective than shutting it off.  When it's just off, and the kids say ''hey dad, the internet isn't working!'' - Dad can say ''yea, XYZ-WISP sucks!'' and the kids go to school and tell their friends that their XYZ Internet is broken again.  However, When we do the redirect thing, the kids say ''hey dad, the computer says to call XYZ_WISP'', and dad calls us quicly.

I know that you can "suspend service" in our BAM and Prizm management systems. Let me check if you can do that in our cnMaestro system.


Depending on what ePMP software version you are using, you may be able to disable the Ethernet port at the SM from the Configured->Network page.



I've always thought the best way to do this was to restrict their MAC in the Security tab of the AP.

Configuration --> Security --> Wireless MAC Address Filtering

Enable the service and tick the "Prevent" option and add the non-paying customers MAC to the table. I don't believe this method would work if you're using the table to allow MACs however. I think it's a prevent or permit list only.

You can disable/enable ethernet port(s) on the SM, you can enable/disable firewall rules on the SM that block access.  You cannot set up outbound DNAT rules on the SM - if you want to redirect traffic the only way AFAICS to manage that handily would be to change the data VLAN on the SM, and redirect TCP80 traffic for all clients in that VLAN to the 'pay your bill' page.

(All of this assumes that you do not have control of the router at the customer location)



Good Day,

I know this is an old post but has any feature been developed for suspending customer service besides disabling the interface to customer or enabling them a Radius bandwith of 0M?



A couple off the top of my head... create a QoS tier on the AP of 0kbps in both directions and assign this tier to the client... use your edge router to forward the client's IP requests to a walled garden? There's lots of different ways to do this. What was the ideal feature you were hoping/looking for?

Well currently we use the radius for SM authentication and it would be a great feature to have the SMs get a different data VLAN for a network that will redirect them to a web page that says that customer needs to pay monthly bill to retain service again. Since we have a large customer base, we were looking to see if there is any simple way to achieve this.

I'm with Joe on this one.. We use radius and wisp toolbox to authenticate 2000+ ePMP subscriber modules and was wondering what the best way is to redirect a non payment profile in the wisp toolbox and have it redirect those customer's to a billing page that request's them to contact the billing department.