Unresponsive Radio's

Hi all,

We have been having some 3.6 CBRS enabled AP's that become unresponsive. They can still be pinged but no SMNP/subs/MAC-Telnet there is nothing in the event logs. The only way to get them back up is to reboot them via SiteMonitor. We had 6 AP's do this over the weekend, is this a known issue? 



Just wondering what the AP model is and the software version you are using?

If there is a support ticket open for this, can you PM me the number and I will have a look into it for you.



Hi Evan,

We have had this happen on all 3.6 450, 450i, 450m all running 16.2. I don't have a ticket open figured I would throw it here to see if it was something that you guys were aware of before doing so. 



I had a response on an earlier thread suggesting that this was a known bug and being fixed.  Currently in 16.2.1 Beta

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