Unsaved Changes - and- Reboot Required


I have 2 PTP54450 running but I Unsaved Changes legend appears - and- Reboot Required

Do you know what changes were made?  What softare release are you running.  If you saved changes and then selected "Undo Unit-Wide Saved Changes" the Reboot required should go away.

Yes, I have actually made changes, my radios have the version Bhul 450-DES and only when I select my 5.4GHz band legend Unsaved Changes and Reboot appears; in the 5.7 GHz band it allows me to have no problem making changes frequency, edit as well as changes in the channels, upgrade to a version 13.4 something that can help me.
Thank you

solved release updating to 13.4 DES

Thank you

how to select undo for a reset?