Unstable 5.2 Cyclone 20 Mbps Backhaul Link

Hey All,
Before I go and throw myself under a bus I tought I’d check to see if I could get some help. We installed Cyclone 5.2 20 Mbps backhaul units that came with 24" hardlines and square patch type antennas. From day one they seemed to have a weak signal (-82dB) but worked. We did a spec an and its really quiet.

As winter set in they started flapping. We changed on end over to a Pacific Wireless 29 dB parabolic on one side and the signals went up to -69 dB. Then about a week later they started dropping again. We changed the hardline and checked for water. When we first changed the hard line they ran great again for about 10- 12 hours then went back to crud. Now we are looking at changing the other end over to the Pacific Parabolic to see if that helps. Bad radio? Bad install? Bad karma?

Link Distance : 3.35 miles
Radio : Cyclone 5.2 Backhaul Connectorized 20 Mbps
Firmware : 7.1.4
Sync w/ CMM : Yes

Any advise will help. Thanks!

sorry for the trouble

If you look at the specs on the canopy 5.2bh’s the internal antenna has 7db gain and the reflector dish has 18db gain. With that they spec typical los range only to be 5 miles so look at the specs of the pannel antenna and see what its gain is. If its less then 25 that is probably why you have poor signal. Cyclone specs show the reciever sensitivity on that unit to be -86 so a -82 is almost at its limit. It is possable that you could have a bad unit or one of the cyclone connections is bad. Not nocking them I have used their stuff also. From my experience i see most of the time a bad transmitter. Had one last week on a 5.7 bh 20 miles. high re-reg count. when you have a bad tx you will see diffarences in rx level between the master and the slave. I had a -82 at one end and a -72 at the other don’t confuse this with poor alignment though. I have always been disappointed with the capability of the 5.2 cus it has such a short range. I would try another parabolic on the other end and it will probably stabilize.