"Unsupported Event" Knocking my AP's Offline

I have been getting regular Major alarms on two E400's I have installed.  These events have knocked my AP's offline anywhere from 0 minutes to 30 hours.  I do not have any logging setup so the Alarm dashboard is near-worthless in the details it provides.  Am I missing an obvious place to look for a root cause?

Both AP's are running the latest release firmware, 2.5.2-r3

Also, how can I setup email notifications to inform me of these Major alarms?

Would it be possible to send us the tech-support from the AP to support@cambiumnetworks.com.

Also, if you can ssh into the AP, its CLI would show you a log of all events sent up to cnMaestro ('show events' from the CLI). Most events are sent from the AP to cnMaestro, a few are generated within cnMaestro (Eg: device offline)

email notifications for alarms is part of the roadmap on cnMaestro, it is currently not supported.