Upagrade error code -9002 on AP

Hi, when I try to upgrade the software version on the AP the CNUT´s log table show

WARN Message: Upgrade unsuccessful. AP returns error code -9002. Rebooting device to prepare for the net upgrade attempt.

Then the unit reboot and I try to access but no response… at the same time my O.S. show warning about IP conflict but I don´t change my IP and the AP unit (deafult IP any time.

Do you know about the error code -9002???

Thanks for your attention. Sorry for my English.

I had a similar issue, first try a different machine. If that doesn’t fix it, then I would contact support.

I know this is an ancient thread, but it’s the only search result on the forum for error -9002.

I just ran into this problem. Turns out I had mis-read the manual for upgrade procedure:

"Make sure that Passive FTP is disabled on the Update > Configure menu before beginning these procedures"

I was only half-paying attention and wound up selecting Use Passive FTP, and got a whole pile of -9002s. Un-checked this option and away the error went!