updated 3.65 FCC walkthrough


Could the FCC walkthrough .pdf be updated to cover the newest 450i 3.65Ghz equipment please?  


It is, and was posted last week... 


Does it not cover something you were expecting to see?  I made many changes to the classifications, and hopefully made things a bit clearer.


Oh... Well, I'm late on asking when I should have an assumed it hadn't changed.  We all know what happens when you assume.  Thanks, Matt.


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Welcome Nathan... please do let me know if you run into any issues, anything is unclear, or you have any friction or clarification questions from the FCC when using this.

Good luck!

The link in this post is a 404. Please fix the link.

I can't edit Matt's post but I think it should be pointing to


from there you can see the '3.65 GHZ_FCC_Walkthrough.pdf - (updated April 2017)'

under the 'PMP450 migration and co-location Tools' section.

best regards,


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We re-organized the software downloads page since then... which broke the link.

I fixed it, sorry for the inconvenience.