UPDATED Canopy User Guide

Has MOTO released a new user guide that is more updated then 6.1? This would be extremely helpful.

Just the release notes with the updates…

I find the release notes backed with the user guide sufficient. However I can see how someone totally new to canopy may find it frustrating…

In one of the past two or three webinar thingies, Motorola said they would revise the system user guide for release 8.0

sounds like they have a major release coming up… (fingers crossed)

“Major Release” coming up… what in 6-12 months

I don’t think it is a good idea to get into that conversation

Guys, 8.0 is close.

Apparently it’s much more than a GUI interface upgrade, it’s a whole new Kernel. This means once you upgrade there is no going back.

Moto is going to make damn sure it’s 110% perfect before they roll it out. Putting pressure on them to hurry is detrimental to your network.

Isn’t that what Microsoft said about XP… :slight_smile:

vj - you are “so” funny!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(I remember MS saying that…and I think they’re saying that about Vista, too!!! :slight_smile: )

from what I have heard so far about 8.0 is that it does not support software scheduling… :evil: So I would double check with the release guide once it comes out.

I think that moto is trying to get away from it, and if people need 1X only that they will have to force the SM’s to 1X.

most likely you are right. H/W is the way to go for moto…

in 2x the S/N is 10db
in 1x the S/N is 3db

Please be patient. There was a draft of the User Guide covering things up to SW Release 7.3 and I am sure when it will be out it will cover the Rel. 8.x too.