Updated User Guide is Here!!!

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d give ya a head’s up on the new user guide. Oh, and a little birdy told me that release 8 is coming soon to a website near you :wink:



I think I can say that it will be released in 2006…although I’m not sure that helps. :roll:

The new user guide is ‘really’ good!!! (and we had ‘nothing’ to do with it, so we can be non-biased).

Martin Keding (teaches the CPT300 Advanced Canopy Course and the CPT400 Canopy BAM/Prizm/Management Course) has been pouring over it and we have both learned some very interesting tidbits that had not been documented before.

Long read, but worth it (IMHO)

Can’t comment on R8, but we will all be much happier to put that puppy to bed when it finally arrives…new OS and new Application is a double-whammy, and this combo has been very frustrating for many!!!