Updates for PMP450 co-location tools available

New PMP450/450i//support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/colocationtool/450m co-location tools have been released for software version 15.1 or later.  They are located at:


PMP_PTP 450_450i_450m R15.1 co-location tool v2 / 1-May-2017   tool checks the frame timing for PMP450/i/m

     AP's  with different frame configurations along with the throughput calculator:

 PMP_PTP 450_450i_450m throughput calculator R15.1 / 1-May-2017

     for AP's  running software releases 15.1 or later.

PMP 450 - PMP 100 co-location tool v3 / 2-May-2017 is also an update for AP's running 15.1 or later

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