Updates on the AP selection bug? CPY-16817

I’m hoping Charlie or Matt might be able to provide any info if the AP selection bug in CPY-16817 is being worked on yet?

Hello first time poster @blargsoup!

I’m not familiar with this issue and no it is not being worked on yet. Maybe there is a work around you can do?

I see in the ticket at one point you had two APs on the exact same center frequency that the SM could see, so I’m guessing you resolved that.

To summarize your saying some times a 450m doesn’t show up in the AP Evaluation and other times it does? All your radios are GPS synchronized, right?

Sorry this issue has not been prioritized. Unfortunately for you, I don’t think it is widely seen. Might be specific issue due to your hardware calibration or something.

Hi @Charlie

The issue is most noticed when we have 450/450i 3 GHz APs mixed with 450m units in the same tower/region and use anything other than a 10 MHz channel width (have tried 15 and 20 MHz). All units use the same timing.

If we are using 15 or 20 MHz channel widths, there will be some SMs that do not reconnect to the 450m and do not show it in their AP eval, so they connect to and get stuck on other APs. If the other APs are disabled, so that the SM has no other option to connect elsewhere, we have seen them eventually connect to the 450m, but this has taken sometimes 10 minutes and sometimes hours.

I’ve noticed the same SMs that have this selection issue over time. Meaning that these same SMs that need to be coerced to eventually connect, if they are rebooted, they have the problem again, while 80% of the other SMs behave normally and connect to the 450m. These affected SMs aren’t geographically distinct from the others.

If the 450m is set to a 10 MHz channel width there is no issue. We deploy the 450m where have more customers, so it’s not an optimal solution.

I haven’t noticed an issue with AP eval on SMs connecting to the 450m 5GHz APs on different channel sizes.

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