Updating and templating radios

I was told there is a way to do this via SNMP.  I don't see anything on the website nor the downloaded MIB that can do this.

How is everyone updating/templating/preparing the radios for deployment for the installers?


Have you given CNS a try? Its the first generation of our network management tool and for basic things like pushing a template/config/upgrading it will do a good job on ePMP.

Its available for free and downloadable from our site.


How would this work for new/defaulted radios?

You can configure  the new radios with the basic parameters and get the link up between the AP and SM. Also assign IP address to the radios inorder to access them from CNS. Once the basic conbfiguration is done and link is up, You can use the CNS to ugrade the radios, do configuration changes ond monitor as well.

Please refer the link below for downloading the CNS server and quick start guide.


I have CNS up and running.

I'm more concerned about taking a brand new radio out of the box and getting it ready for the installer.  I do not want the installer to waste 20 minutes doing an update in the field and then putting on a template.  I want this done in the office like I am currently doing with Ubnt.

With Ubnt, I wrote a script that will SSH into the radio (default IP) and then SCP a config and firmware load followed by a command to apply them.  Once the script is done, it beeps letting me know to put in a new radio.

I had a conference call a few weeks back and I was told that with SNMP I can issue a firmware and template transfer to make the radio prepared for the installer.  Is this not accurate?

We have some crossed power jumpers (swap brown and blue pair) and some tough switches setup to power the radios, an ap with default settings to let brand new cpes lock to in the back room. We power 8 or 16 cpes at a time, let CNS discover them, update and send configs, pack them back up and put them in the ready to use shelf, I can get 16 radios ready in 20 to 25 minutes this way

That's great information, I'll have to look at CNS again and see how we can get them templated/updated!