Updating cnMaestro while SM change AP


We are running cnMAestro on premises version 1.5.1-r8 and we have ePMP devices onboarded. Sometimes it happens that SM loses power and when it comes back it register to one of APs in range (we have more APs covering the same area) and everything is working as should, nobody notices any problem. But when I am checking in cnMaestro and when I connect to AP I see, that there are some SMs that are not connected to the same AP regarding to cnMaestro.

Does cnMaestro check once in a while, to which AP is SM connected, or it stays the same from onboarding?

Thank you for your assistance

When SM connects with cnmaestro it sends the parent mac which is AP.

Say if the SM move to another AP without disconnecting from cnmaestro it’s possible that the tree and dashboard of SM may not refresh.

Have you tried pulling latest info of the SM by clicking on refresh button from SM dashboard?

And please use latest NOC ova 1.6.0 with the latest package 1.6.0-r18


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Refresh worked.

I think it would make sense that cnMaestro should auto-update it's tree once in a while, even if that's once per day.
What is your opinion about that?

Yes, we are just about to upgrade cnMaestro.

Glad that worked for you.

Well each device sends the metrics data every 5 mins to cnMaestro, I can check with platform team if they can add the pmac as part of the information, so that it get refresh automatically.

There are multiple ways to deal with the situation, we will see what best approach so that the system doesnt get loaded and in meanwhile it solves the problem too.

Do let us know if you find any other issue.