Updating E2E Controller On-Premise(1.1.0-r4 & 1.2.0-r#) to Latest Package Version(1.2.1-r3)

This article explains about updating External E2E Controller On-Premise running (1.1.0-r4 & 1.2.0-r#) to latest package 1.2.1-r3 posted on Feb 18, 2022 in the support site.


cnMaestro should be updated to 3.1.1-r8 version before upgrading External E2E Controller On-Premise.

Do I need to take action?

This article is for customers who are already running 60 GHz cnWave E2E On-Premise Controller version 1.1.0-r4 or above.

Why is this important?

Cambium team has made some critical fixes in the External E2E Controller On-Premise so user should upgrade to latest 1.2.1-r3 package.

Note: To update the External E2E Controller to 1.1.0-r4 version, follow the instructions here.

What needs to be done?

Download the latest E2E controller Software Package from the support site(tar.gz)

How long should this take?

Approximately 10-15 mins after you have downloaded the packages.

What do I need to do?

Follow the below option to update with latest E2E Controller Package

Applying package upgrade

Login to the existing cnMaestro and navigate to your current E2E Network > Tools > Operations > Software Update.

Under Package file, click on “Select File” button and choose the E2E controller On-Premises package 1.2.1-r3.tar.gz which is downloaded and click on “Apply Update” button to upgrade the E2E controller package.

User can monitor the upgrade status of the E2E controller package.

User will be notified when E2E controller package upgrade is completed.

How will I know if my upgrade is successful?

Validate your changes by verifying the version details from cnMaestro UI

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