Updating ePMP SM's

At the moment I see no real way to go back and find SM's that aren't on a paticular firmware version without having to manually go into each one and add them to their own individual jobs (unless I'm missing something, perhaps I am)

Perhaps, add the ability to be able to update software from the inventory page?

If we could check multiple ones from the inventory page after filtering through them that would be ideal.  At the moment it seems you have to click on the SM, then software update, then you can add them to a job, but you have to wait for the previous job to finish before starting the next. So if I happen to find 10-15 SM's out of date, that could take 30-45 minutes.  

There has to be a better way.

I know you can update all the SM's from "Manage" through the AP's, but if my AP's are already up to date on the active firmware bank and I'm not wanting to cause another reboot of the AP by updating the inactive bank how else can I go about this without doing them one by one?

Am I missing something?

Yes, you should be able to filter SMs on a specific firmware version to update them in bulk by clicking one of the "Version" bars on the top right of the Manage -> Software Update screen.  You can also filter specific firmware versions by clicking the filter icon next to the "Active" column header. 

It should be possible to select only the SMs under an AP using the "Select SMs" checkbox. 

I recall there being an issue with software version filtering using the boxes on the top right recently which should be fixed in the latest builds.  Please let us know if any of this doesn't work for you.

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Never noticed you could click on the bar up there.  That will work


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