updating epmtp failing

Hi, i'm trying to update some SM from Maestro, but every equipment fails after a long timeout.

Do you have some open trouble now?


Michele Pietravalle

Of late, we haven't seen such issue. One possibility is that SM(s) might be losing connectivity with cnMaestro once software update is triggered. Though you see timeout in cnMaestro but does device get updated with target software version? If device is getting updated with target software version, then it is connectivity issue with cnMaestro during update.

If this is not the case, then could you please send below details to my email ID - ajay.singh@cambiumnetworks.com :

1. Target Software Version

2. MAC Address of at least one SM under update.



We would like to know if you have overwritten the default SNMP community string.

no, snmp string is the default one.


i will send the infos in some hours.


Michele Pietravalle