Updating fimware

Hi, I have just round to installing the first PMP450, I checked the firmware and saw a new version is available.
However I downloaded the latest version and made sure that the CNUT was up to date.

When I try to the update fails every time (Laptop connected directly to SM) error message:

failed to upload file 5x_cat120.img.java.net. socket exception:connection reset by peer. socket write error.

I have a ping running to the unit - which is OK,

Any ideas?

I would re-boot your PC and radio that you are trying to upgrade. Make sure that you have the latest version of CNUT installed and then make sure that in CNUT you have the P11 hardware type listed 2nd in the list of the different HW types to try. I know that this is 450 gear, it is a CNUT bug that they are trying to fix and this is the workaround.