Updating old SM

We have an older 5.7 SM that is on software version 4.0.4 and Boot version 1.1
Where do we find the firmware to upgrade these and how do we go about doing that?

Your probably going to have to talk with Motorola about getting CNUT 1.1 and the older versions of software in order to get up to 6.1 at least.

yeah you need to get to boot version 3.0 which i belive is software version 6.1.

u should be able to get the files you need on thier webpage.

You need to upgrade to 4.2.3 before moving beyond. That is where boot version 3.0 is. Now you might need to go to version 4.1.x before going to 4.2.3 which you have to go to before 6.1. From there, you should be able to move to any version.

I have updated at least ten v4.x SM’s straight to v7.3.6 with no issues. Once updated I switch it to HW using the Scheduling Tool and it’s good to go.

You can go through stepping up through versions, but I have not found it necessary.