Upgrade Clarification - Can't connect to cnMaestro Cloud

I started working in this network earlier this year and is my first network that uses Cambium Network products. The network itself is less then 2 years old but it's been managed reactively, not proactively. I am fixing that.

Today I implamented cnMaestro Cloud. I got some PMP's connected without much trouble for our Operations network locations.

The Office part of the network is what I am needing help with today. These locations use 1 ePMP2000 (AP) and 4 ePMP1000 (SM).

When I trying to onboard the ePMP2000 from its configuration (webUI) I get:

Error response: [{"error":{"level":"error","message":"Incompatible Software Version With cnMaestro","code":1014}}]

Documentation for Cloud seems to be a bit lacking or out of date as the minimum surpported version for ePMP2000 is 3.0.1, we are on 3.5.1.

I was reviewing release notes and making the guess that I need to get onto a new firmware release to get support for cnMaestro Cloud for these ePMP devices.

So here are my questions (Some may be just wanting confirmation):

1. Should I enable "Allow automatic update of ePMP devices" on cnMaestro Cloud?

2. If I should manually upgrade, what is the best upgrade path? (Can I jump to the latest [4.4.x]?)

3. I should be able to upgrade the AP followed by the SMs. 

4. I think our 2000 is GPS Synced where as the 1000's are not (Force 200 appears on one of the screens). What's the best way to confirm the models of these ePMP?

I am been reading Release Notes, User Guides and Communitee Posts for last 4 hours so I hope my post is clear.

EDIT: Title Change

@Jeff S 

cnMaestro Cloud servers minimum recommended versions for the devices has been changed to the following versions in order to make sure that the connectivity between cnMaestro and devices are stable. 

ePMP :- 3.5.6

PMP :- 15.0.1

cnPilot E series :- 3.11.2-r2

cnPilot R series :- 4.4.2-R2

cnMatrix :- 2.0.4-r1

Please upgrade your AP and SMs to 3.5.6 version or if you try to onboard devices having lower version than the versions mentioned above then they will be getting the error Incompatible software version.

To overcome this error in your Cloud account, under the Application->Settings the option for "Allow Automatic update of devices" should be enabled for particular type of device. If the option is enabled cnMaestro updates the newly Onboarding devices to the latest minimum recommended software version for that device type before onboarding and the onboarding will be successful.

     Enabling this option
 won't upgrade already onboarded or managed devices hence they will not get effected.

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Thank you for information. I will upgrade the firmware.

The User Guide for cnMaestro Cloud has different minimum versions listed. There is a link to the support center for the latest PDF version.  This goes to the on Premise version and there is a note about the cloud version and directs you back to the Cloud site. 


I enabled the "Allow automatic update of ePMP devices" option. In preparation for adding all our devices I had already claimed the serials, Approved and enabled "Allow automatic onboarding of PMP SM devices".

I entered the cnMatro information into our ePMP2000 and it on boarded with updating to 3.5.6. The SMs tried to follow suit but weren't on boarding.  The error on the SMs was that they were not claimed but yet I have already claimed the serials and approved them. To resolve this I entered the cnMaestro details into all the SMs (Luckily we only have 4).  The SMs onboarded and upgraded to 3.5.6.

For anyone that comes across this post in the future:

1. You may want to consider manually upgrading the firmware on the ePMPs using CNUT or going to each device. or,

2. Maybe try not claim the serials before trying to onboard from the AP with the auto update and auto claim options enabled.