upgrade ePMP Lite AP to Full?

If I remember correctly, it was stated at one point that we would eventually be able to software unlock the GPS APs that are locked 10 SMs to full APs, is there any estimate on when this feature might be available?

This is available today! The part number/description is: C050900S200A ePMP 1000 GPS Sync AP Upgrade License Key from Lite (10 SM) to Full (120 SM)

Is this for use with the Force110 PTP radios?

I know we had some of these in the field but with f/w release 2.4.2 had to swap them as the SM limit was reduced to 10.

If this is the case it's good news - means we have a few extra AP's!

Do you know if this works with the current firmware (2.5.1)? I see that it is listed at a couple of distributors, but I can't find any information about how it works.

I could be wrong, but I believe the Force110 PTP uses the exact same radio as what they are now selling as the Lite AP, so I'm assuming it will work for both.

You need 2.6 on the radios to enable this license/feature.

Josh is correct. While we have firm plans to allow upgrade of a Lite AP to a full AP, this functionality is not available yet. We're working hard to make this available in December. We will keep you posted. 




Hi, will the AP "Lite" version be available on all ePMP platforms, i.e. both the 5GHZ and 2GHz models?  I really hope that the upgrade will be available in the distribution channel very soon, as we would hate to have to do a tower climb and fork lift of the AP "Lite" radios.



Other question, if we have this ePMP P/N: C058900B052A ePMP Force 110 PTP - High Performance PTP Radio (FCC), and firware v2.5.1 installed on it, will this be an AP Lite radio as well once we software configure it as an Access Point mode? 

Will this also be GPS Synch capable?

Will the Force 200 w/ latest firmware v2.5.1 also be an AP Lite w/ GPS Synch?


Force 110 ptp = lite ap + 25dbi dish

C058900B052A = C058900R052A + C050900D007B

Yes the part numbers are simply insane.

That radio hardware C058900R052A is both the lite AP with up to 10 subs as well as the sync hardware for the force110ptp product.  It does sync today.

You will need 2.6+ to upgrade it to full.

The force 200 is NOT capable of doing GPS sync (though it can connect to an AP doing sync).  It can be used as the SM/CPE while using the force110ptp for sync on the AP/master.

Hi JLuthman;

Thanks very much for the info.  

You raised another question concerning the 2.4GHz PTP ePMP products.  I was wondering if there was an ePMP PTP Force 2.4GHz solution that would do GPS synch for the backhaul / PTP mode?  So purchasing two (2) Force 200 in PTP mode will be synched with the other ePMP site.

There is no specific 2.4ghz PTP Force product - if you need to sync 2.4ghz backhauls, you would have to use a full 2.4ghz GPS AP, and get third party directional antenna at one end of the link, but you could use a Force 200 at the other end (only one end of a PTP link needs to have a GPS radio).

Which all meant that unfortunately, there is no ‘lite’ GPS-able AP in 2.4 Ghz. I understand that there is very limited need for a 2.4Ghz backhaul, but a 10 CPE ‘lite’ AP (which can be upgraded to a full AP) would be good to have in the product list.

Agreed. I would like to see a 2.4ghz lite AP.

Has this feature been implemented? I have upgraded my AP to 2.6.1 and went to support.cambiumnetworks.com as suggested in the radio. I filled in the license key form and it gave me a key, but states, "License Request: (no upgrade)  ". I am unsure what my next steps are.

Thank you,

Maryanne Abelar

Is there any updates on this?  I purchased a Lite Model some months ago by mistake and now would like to unlock it. 

If you need to unlock a lite model it's a pretty simple process.  Purchase an unlock key from the distributor of your choice.  They will send you an entitlement ID that you then enter into the Cambium licensinge site, which generates a key code.  You then enter that code in your AP to unlock.

It would be great if these entitlements directly from Cambium though, leaving the middle man out of it.  The license orders I've placed so far from my distributor have taken almost a week each to fulfill.   Seems like a lot of unnecessary paper-shuffling.

Jacob's rsponse is exactly what you need to do. I will only add you do need to make sure you are on 2.6.1 in order to have the Licence menu required to preform the unlock.