Upgrade ePmP2000 to ePmP 3000

Last week, we upgraded two APs on different sites from ePmP2000 to ePmP3000. Since the upgrade, I have noticed that the uplink signal as reported on CN Maestro has significantly more variatio thatn befor, this on both sites and with all clients, whether they are elevated UBNT, F200 or F300. Firmwae is 4.5.6, smart antenna is set to Auto. signals are equal or better in all cases. You can see the change on the pictures attached.
Can anyone shed some light on this?

You’ll need to increase your ‘target signal’ by at least 3dB or more when upgrading to the ePMP3000 vs the 1000/2000. Otherwise your chains will end up being turned down lower.


Its the sudden ‘see sawing’ of the return (up-link) levels after swapping from 2000 to 3000 (see 30th March on graphs of my original post) that I find disconcerting, it happens on all our 3000 APs and across all SU’s to a graeter or lesser extent. All running 4.5.6. Do others see this?

considering its been 4 months, have you upgraded to 4.6.1? if not do so.

As Ninedd explained, you need to set the SM ATPC 3db closer to 0. This is due to the chains getting turned down on the uplink side.

it is also normal for there to be a bit of movement in a RF link strength due to changes in atmosphere and other radio emissions that you do not always pickup.

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I will upgrade an AP and SU’s tonight to 4.6.1 (RC27 as a precaution). I increased the Subscriber Module Target Receive Level from the default -60 to -57, I take it this is what you mean by SM ATPC.
However, it made the uplink graph more variable , although some SMs show a little less re-transmission than before the change at approx 13:00 today. (see below)

another SM

Well, the updated firmware seems to have fixed the uplink issue, and no problems upgrading the AP and 23 SUs to 4.6.1 rc27. Thanks all! (Upgrade occurred at around 4am)

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There are some changes from 4.6.1-rc27 to 4.6.1
I suggest you update to 4.6.1