Upgrade licensed capacity PTP810

Hi, we have a link radio used PTP810. The link now running at maximum capacity bandwidth 38 Mbps. And now we want to upgrade the capacity radio link to 60 Mbps. How to increase capacity radio to achive bandwidth? any configuration needed to make the link achive maximum capacity more than 60 Mbps?

Hi Dede,

Can you please provide some more details to let us know which frequency band, regulation, bandwidth, modulation mode and link length you are using so that we can provide better guidance?


This capture of Configuration radio


Thanks Dede,

I am presuming then that under the IDU Operational Mode drop down list 14M-16Q-E1 is the highest option you have available to choose from? This is related to the license key you originally purchased from Cambium, do you remember what that was?

There is a list of license keys in the PTP 810 User Guide, although as this is now an old product, not all of them are still available for purchase.

In order to find out what options are still available to purchase, you should contact your local Cambium representatives. If you don’t have their details message me with which country you are in and I will put you in contact.