upgrade of the firmware on the ptp 230 and not discoverable on CNUT

customer is trying to upgrade to 13.2.1 on the ptp 230 and can't do it and his device is not getting recognized on the CNUT and gets the SNMP error.customer has configure the SNMP on the device but cannot figure what else can be done.Please advise.

Hi Sameer,

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1. You just need to try the latest CNUT official build (CNUT 4.8.1). You can download it from here:


2. Re-verify the SNMP write community string which you put in CNUT instance

[This would be exactly the same as what you put it into the device web page]

3. It is necessary to recognize the device first before upgrade/downgrade it.

4. Still you'll persist the same problem, come back to us with troubleshooting data.

[CNUT => Tools => Gather Customer Support Information]

Note: Currently, CNUT 4.8.1 supported the below PTP 230 device types:

  • PTP 230 Ethernet Bridge Unlimited Mbps (BHUL)
  • PTP 230 Ethernet Bridge 10 Mbps (BH10)