Upgrade path for old cnMaestro version (2.2.1-r32)

We have an old on-prem cnMaestro server (version 2.2.1-r32) that we are looking to get it up to date. I’m wondering what is the best approach to upgrading? Do I need to do incremental upgrades or should I do a direct upgrade to v3? Or should I rebuild the whole VM?



We need to go step by step.

• Export the server backup from existing 2.2.1-r32 server
• Install 2.3.0 OVA
• Import the backup

• Export the server backup from 2.3.0 OVA
• Install 2.4.0 OVA
• Import the backup of 2.3.0 over 2.4.0 OVA

• Install 3.0.0-r34 OVA and import the backup of 2.4.0 OVA

Please ensure you have enough memory, RAM and CPU allocated to your instance based on the device count. User guide has the detailed information.

You can download the user guide from