Upgrade to 4.3.4-R8 causes clients not to connect after upgrade

Hello. We had about 102 R200 and R201 in the field with old versions so we used Maestro to upgrade them to 4.3.4-R8 and when they all came back online, we started getting flooded with calls the next day that they could connect to WiFi but their devices weren't able to retrieve IP's, thus no internet connection.

The only change we made was upgrade to the latest recommended firmware and not we have 100 customer routers that we don't know how to fix easily. Do we have to factory reset them all somehow and set them up again to get things working?

Any ideas why this would happen? Multiple reboot with the customers on the phone has not fixed the issue yet. Can we factory reset them using Maestro somehow?

This has been an ongoing problem with the last 2 or 3 versions of firmware.

Our many R200's experienced the same problem, when we up graded firmware 2 or 3 versions ago.

The problem that we experienced is that folks with I-Phones can connect, but the R-200 (and most likely the R-201) routers will never serve them IP address via DCHP.

If you go into the I-Phones and set static IP addresses, they then can get on the Internet  Leaving them set on default, so that the R-200's will "lease" them IP address will cause the I-Phones to be broken again.

I personally carried an I-Phone 4 and personally experienced the exact same thing as I described above.

I am not sure that Cambium has ever acknowledged that the problem exists, let alone fixing it in the latest 2 or 3 firmware upgrades.

To temporarily fix your problem, go back and load an earlier version of firmware in 2 or 3 in your custome's routers and have them see if that fixes the problem. 

If that fixes the problem, then load the same earlier version of software in all of your customer's routers, until Cambium fixes the problem.

Yes,  In current 4.3.4-r8, few customers are facing connectivity issue with Apple Clients with r200 device.

Software fixes will be available in upcoming 4.4 release.



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