Upgrade to V13.1.3

I have two networks that I would like to upgrade the firmware (from 11.02) to the latest version.

One of my networks is mostly using board type P9. On previous release notes there has been details of the usable board types but the release notes for this one don’t seem to cover this.

Also I can’t seem to find any upgrade paths past 11.02.

So, my questions are :-

1. can P9 boards support this new firmware?
2. can I go direct from 11.02 - 13.1.3? or do I need to follow an upgrade path?

Thanks for any advise



We would recommend going to software 11.2 on your PMP 100 equipment. Once at 11.2, then you can upgrade to software verison 13.1.3.

P9 radios can support the current software. It is P8 and P7 radios that are APs, BHs, or P7 and P8 have AES software that they can’t be upgraded.



Hey Corey,

Is there a point in the foreseeable future where P9 boards won’t be supported? Or are they basically lower speed versions of the newer P10 and P11, and use the same architecture?


At some point P9 boards will not be supported due to onboard memory size and/or processing power for PPS. But for today, they can still take the 13.1.3 software load.