Upgraded 8.2.4 firmware to 9.3 , now I have sync error on AP

I have 2 5.2 AES APs thathat I upgraded the firmware and no have a " sync error." I have switched both sites to generate sync to get SMs working. I have tried to down grade firmware to get sync to work again but it still does it. I have replaced cables, CMM and both AP.

Any Ideas?

You have replaced both APs and still have the problem?

AND, the CMMs AND the cables?

there are only so many variables… If you swapped all that, can you try testing everything on the ground with short cables and no ground blocks… keep it simple… SOMETHING has to work to give you someway of eliminating the pieces that are broke on the tower.

I have not seen firmware upgrades cause this problem, except in the case where you were using the timing port for Sync (not a CMM) and had more than pins 1 and 6 being used in the Sync cable. So, I dont think it would be related to that.

Sometimes rebooting something (part of the firmware upgrade) will be the start of the symptoms of a problem.

If you isolated by process of elimination that the APs themselves ARE indeed not receiving Sync Over Power Port, we can repair those units for you.

Hope this information helps !

Paul McCall
PDMNet Canopy Repair