Upgraded AP's to 2.3 from 2.3rc10, can't access them

It appears that they are working but can not ping from the local subnet.  I should have read sriram's post before upgrading.

Is there anyway to change to the inactive bank 2.3.0 through ssh...it appears I can ssh to the units using from the local router?  Please advise

Hi Christopher,

There is not a way to switch to the inactive bank through the ssh.

Later today 2.3.3 will be posted which will correct for this issue.


I can ping and ssh from the local router but can't get into the units through thelr lan IP or  Any suggestions at all (ip addresses etc) that I can change from the SSH prompt to prevent an expensive tower climb to pull these units since they are connected to a tower top vlan switch????

Hi Christopher,

The problem with 2.3.1 is there is a defect that prevents the gateway from being functional for the AP in static mode.  

Our experience was that we could not even access the AP via ssh from outside the subnet, so I am not sure quite why you are able to access the AP using ssh, but you are so that is great.

I believe that you may be able to access the APs using DHCP.  If you can set up a DHCP server, then here is how you would set this via the CLI mechanism.

config set networkBridgeIPAddressMode 2

config save

config apply

This will change the AP to search for its device using DHCP.

For more information on the CLI interface, recently I sent an email out on the animal farm mailing list that contained an attachment for the ePMP_CLI_User_Manual.v2.3.pdf.  You would find instructions for setting parameters on page 7 and the specific networkBridgeIPAddressMode parameter is located on page 11.


Typo in previous email.  It should be.

"This will change the AP to search for its IP address using DHCP."