Upgrading Cambium Antenna Plates?

We currently have several links with Cambium PTP800s comprised of:

1x 11Ghz Cambium 2ft HP Antenna 85010089043 (1+0)
1x 11Ghz Cambium 6ft HP Antenna 85010089021 (1+1)
4x 6Ghz Cambium 6ft HP Antenna 85010089021 (1+1)
1x 23Ghz Cambium 1ft HP Antenna 85010089059 (1+1)

All 1+1 configurations are direct mount to coupler which is direct mount to the antennas. The 1+0 configuration is direct mount to the antenna.

We are looking to upgrade, Cambium or otherwise, however information on the antennas we have seems to be hard to come by. While listed as Cambium products, I assume they’re manufactured by someone else? Are they able to have the mounting plates changed out to either be remote mount so they’re more universal or to a new model? If we can reuse the antennas we’d save quite a bit overall as we have 6 towers and 2 building tops to replace antennas on.

I don’t want vendors to claim we can’t reuse equipment if we can in fact reuse our antennas and likely save a lot…or even coordinate an upgrade in house with new Cambium equipment and just relicense versus re-engineering our entire microwave backhaul.