Upgrading CMMicro from Different Subnet

Is there a problem with updating a CMMicro from a different subnet? I am trying to upgrade from 2.08 to eith 2.13 or 2.2. I am using CNUT 2.0.

no… we upgrade from the 10 network while the RF is on the 169

As long as you can ping it and make sure you are not blocking ftp you should be ok

Is there much if any benefit going to 2.13 or 2.2 from 2.08?

There should be no problem at all…as long as you can see the equipment at the other side.

the CMM are very limited with their feature set… but it is always a good idea to be at the latest software if possible…

We cannot upgrade the CMMicro from 2.08 to 2.13 or 2.2. We can access the web page just fine, but the update just times-out. Also, it appears that when we do a Refresh from the CNUT tool, it causes the CMMicro to reboot. I have tried this with CNUT 1.1 and CNUT 2.0 - same results. We have 3 different CMMicro’s with the same results on each one.

Any othe suggestions?

It may be worth speaking to Tech Support…

We had a similar issue with one of our cmm’s. i ended up having to plug directly into it to get it to upgrade. since then all other updates have been able to go over our network.

Yes, it looks like we will have to do a tower climb to upgrade…

have you tried sitting on the same subnet… ?

connect SM to the RF, NAT disable and put your self on the same network as the CMM ?

I agree that getting as close as possible to the CMM may eliminate the climb - best if you can hit the CMM directly or via a radio using HWS - definitely be in the same subnet.

Assuming that you have ground space, pull a service cable from the CMM should you have to climb (fix now to avoid future climbs).

we have service cables at all our towers…