Upgrading distribution module

Hi all,

Please excuse me as I am virtually an idiot when it comes to PTP distributions. I've inhereted a small distribution. Currently we have a PMP 450i with roughly 22 subscriber modules (also PMP 450i's). I'm looking at increasing the bandwidth capacity as I would like to push through something closer to a gigabit.

Is there any possibilty I will be able to do this with another 450i product, or would I have to change to an ePMP 3000? Is it possible to connect my existing 450i subscribers to an ePMP 3000?

I'm assuming this is 5GHz?  What are you currently able to achieve, and how is it currently configured?  Are you simply looking to provide greater bandwidth to those existing customers, or broaden the base with new customers?

Switching to a PMP450m AP would likely improve the capacity (at least at the sector level, not necessarily for each individual client) but more information regarding what you're currently doing, and where you are planning to go, would help a lot.  PMP450 SMs will NOT communicate with ePMP APs, nor vice versa.

ePMP can save you some money on the gear, but it's not going to give you more capacity than PMP450.  (except in the sense that within the same budget you could install two overlaid APs atop the first and split customers between them, assuming three clear channels available)  Someone who is familiar with the PMP450m from their own experience should be able to guide you as to what you could expect from it. (we use ePMP in 5GHz and PMP450i in 900MHz, looking at PMP450m in 3GHz to replace our old PMP320 installations)



Actually that is exactly the answer I'm looking for. I'm essentially looking for a model that can handle what is being given to it. Currently we're on a 100Mb connection, but being bumped up to somewhere closer to 1Gb.

So, just looking to crank up that number in order to provide better speed to my clients and also be able to add more clients.

If you're looking to push around a gigabit for PtMP, your best bets are PMP450m using a 40MHz channel width, or ePMP 3000 using a 80MHz channel width. Neither system is compatible with each other.

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