Upgrading PTP 100 series

Hello All,

How do I upgrade the throughput on a PTP100 using Entitlement ID from cambium.I want to know the process of the license key upgrade.

When I got keys to upgrade some “LITE” APs to real ones they were just text files. I opened them in notepad and dumped them into Firefox and off I went.

However, this is the full description from the manual:

10.1.1 Fixed License Keys

Some features are activated by loading a fixed license key into the radio. Such a key
arrives from Motorola as a filename.urlfile. When you double-click on this file, your
browser opens and the location bar is populated by a lengthy string. This URL string
begins with http://<ModuleIPAddress>/. If you need to load a key into a module
whose IP address has changed since Motorola issued the key, perform the following

Procedure 1: Modifying a fixed license key for a module IP address

1. Right-click on the license key filename.
2. Select Properties.
3. Select the Web Documenttab.
4. At URL, substitute the current IP address for the original IP address in the URL.
5. Click OK.
6. Double-click on the license key filename.
RESULT:The key loads into the module.
7. Open the Configuration web page of the module.
8. Review parameter settings and enable the feature if you wish to do so at this
time (see next section).