Upgrading the Wireless Manager

STEP 1: Taking the Data base Backup.


  • Before the software upgrade make sure to take the Database backup.
  1. Go the WM Server Administration on the desktop or Server Admin Tool under C:\Cambium\WM\server\bin.
  2. On WMserver tab click on Stop WM server.
  3. Once the services are stopped click on System Backup, this will take the entire database backup of that version.
  4. The Backup file will be stored in C:\Cambium\WM\server\backup\WM_Data_Backup.
  5. Now start the WM server in WM Server Administration tool.
  6. Make sure to copy the backup file and save in the different location.

STEP 2: Upgrading the Wireless Manager


  • Upgrade Procedure:
  1. Download the next upper version of the Wireless Manager.
  2. Double click on the Software and follow the procedure of the installation.
  3. Once the installation is complete, open WM Server Administration tool and start the Service by clicking Start WM server.
  4. Open the browser, access the WM client and make sure you are able to login to the Wireless Manager.
  5. Once the upgrade is done and confirmed that you are able to login to the WM, make sure to take the database backup to make sure you have a copy.

Software version upgarde path.

4.1.10  >> 4.2 >> 4.3.5 >> 4.4.12