Uplink Signals Worse Than Download Signals

450 3GHz - We are finding that the uplink signal is often worse than the downlink signal by as much as 10dB.

Other than using a larger antenna at the customer end, are there any settings to tweak on the 450m or SM to help with stability?

I realize why this is happening (SM has lower power than AP) but just curious if anyone has any settings I should be looking at to help stabilize the uplink power?

On your AP set your SM Receive Target Level to -60. On your grants, for 450b HG, make sure you’re requesting 49dBm EIRP. If you do those two things, assuming you’re using 450m 3GHz, and they’re both being granted full EIRP, you’re AP and SM RSSI’s should be within a few dB of each other depending on the channel width.