Uplink using 2.5Gbps ports? EX2016M-P

Is it possible to use the 2.5Gbps ports to uplink to other EX2016M-P switches and get the full 2.5Gbps.

We do not have fibres between some cabinets so SFP+ is not possible.

Sorry for the delay in the response.
Yes, on all cnMatrix switches (including the EX2016M-P), any front panel port can be connected to another switch with full bandwidth.
A 2.5G port connected from one EX2016M-P to a second EX2016M-P switch will run at a full 2.5Gbps.

Likewise, a 1G port from one switch to another will run at a full 1Gbs.

Functionally, there is no difference in operation between what is called an “access” port or “uplink” port (except for the port speed).

You mention that you do not have fiber cables between your cabinets. Cambium does have 10G copper transceivers that can plug into an SFP+ port of a cnMatrix switch to be able to run 10Gps over copper ethernet cables!
You can run a link up to 30 meters using Cat-6A cable.
P/N: SFP-10G-Copper (10GBase-T (RJ45) SFP. 0C to 70C)