Upload speed issues

we have a new ePMP 300-19 in use.
Distance between the two units is about 150 meters. Problem: Downloadspeed at primary unit (feed point): Download from Internet 20 MBit/s / Upload towards Gateway: also 20 MBit/s. On the other side of the bridge: DL: 18 MBit/s / Upload: 1.5 MBit/s.
There are trees between the link, but there is a clear view. The branches are all cut out and both units can see each other with a large margin.
Does anyone have any idea what this could be due to?

Use spectrum analyzer as a tool to choose best channel

Hi Gunter,
It could be so many things… without more info, I’ll be difficult to help. So, if you could attach screen shots of the various screens… the eAlign screen showing the signals/chains, and the AP Monitor → Wireless screen showing the association and modulations, and the Montor → Performance screens which will show the number of packets traveling at whatever modulation, and a view of the Spectrum Analyzer (which may or may not be accurate… but it’s a start)

With that, we might be able to figure out what’s going on for you. :slight_smile:

Hi, good morning, …
im a new user, sorry, i cant not upload screenshots?


Oh, possibly not :person_shrugging:
Hmmm… Well, basically what I was wondering is if there is something down in this numbers that make it obvious what’s wrong.

A pair of Force 300-19 should carry HUNDREDS of megabits. So normally. 20 Megabit each way should be nothing difficult.

So, if you can tell us the numbers down in those screens I mentioned (signals master-to-slave as well as slave-to-master) and the modulations (should be DS9/DS9) as well as the firmware versions. And the channel, and the channel width (20,40, 80?) s week as the mode (ePTP or TDD etc) and if TDD, what ratio you have (75/25 or 50/50 or whatever).

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Can I also send you the screenshots by email since there is a lot of information?

I’ve bumped up your user level, so you should be able to post screenshots now.

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