Upload speed slows when connected to router

When the SM9 is connected directly to the computer, the bandwidth test is 2.0 mbps down and .46 mbps up. When the SM9 is connected to a brand new Linksys Wireless-N Home Router (WRT120N) the bandwidth test is 2.0 mbbs down and .11 mbps up.

I am completely baffled on why this could happen, and have never ran into this problem before.

Here is the information that I have taken from the unit.

Actual: -65 dBm Min: -67 dBm Max: -64 dBm
Jitter (Interference Level) :
Actual: 4 Min: 1 Max: 5
Air Delay : 214 approximately 5.96 miles (31458 feet)

Downlink RATE: 3118694 bps
Uplink RATE: 818380 bps
Aggregate RATE: 3937074 bps
Pkt Xmt (Act/Exp): 666/0
Pkt Rcv (Act/Exp): 2528/0

Downlink Efficiency: 99 Percent
Downlink Index (Act/Max): 99/100
Frag Count (Act/Exp): 60988/60912

Uplink Efficiency: 97 Percent
Uplink Index (Act/Max): 97/100
Frag Count (Act/Exp): 16344/15984

sounds more like a linksys problem then a canopy problem

Agreed, we have a lot of problem with linksys for whatever reason, cheepy trendnet and netgear work just fine on our net, trendnet 432 are on newegg for 25 bucks and seem to work ok for the average joe

Have you looked at the ethernet statistics page on the SM? Are there any errors? Does autonegotiation work properly?

I ended up changing the link speed on for the sm to Auto 10F/10H. That fixed the problem immediately.

I do not know why it fixed the problem, any ideas?

What was it set to originally? Auto/Auto? Forced to a specific speed?

it was set to auto everything

Seems to indicate a cable or NIC fault preventing it from running at 100 Mbps properly