Upper 6GHz PtP/PtMP release hurdles

Is there an official timeline for when we’ll see PtP in upper 6GHz ePMP and hurdles that remain to be cleared prior to launch? Same question for PtMP. We’re getting hammered by competitors with deep pockets to spend billions on spectrum that are rolling it out now, have to tell the customers something, even if it’s “it’ll be here somewhere around <actual_rough_estimate_time>”. Meanwhile, I guess we’ll experiment with 400/425 as a stop gap. Go Cambium, you guys rock, help us!

I second and third this request for more info. We pretty much need the new ePMP 4k and 6ghz in one product as soon as possible.

It is NOT possible for us to offer more than 50 Mbps rural speeds right now with 3k due to heavy interference in the 5ghz band. Once we have access to clean spectrum and 4k gear, we ideally should be able to offer 250 Mbps or higher speeds are rural distances.

We want to share something with our customers to let them know roughly when they should expect to see these upgrades before we lose them to Starlink. Any information will be helpful so we can keep them happy until upgrades can happen.

I think the whole industry will see headwinds if they aren’t released soon. Hard not to lose customers until 6GHz is released, 50MHz here and there like CBRS won’t be enough to compete at scale. Alpha, beta, whatever, okay with glitches as things ramp up, just release something.

Bump. Any possible updates on rough timeline of 6ghz PtMP?


We are working hard on it. Very roughly 2022 time line but probably have a long beta cycle ahead of that. I think what you might want to check is also AFC availability which we don’t think will be available until 2022 anyways.

Is AFC like SAS?

Any headline data rates that you can share or possible real world throughput on 20, 40, 80mhz channels? I’m assuming it should be similar to ePMP 3k with a chance to have higher throughput if signal and SNR supports it.

We’re just looking to tell our customers, like the original poster, roughly when we can start upgrading our network and what our upgraded speed packages might be so we can try to hold on to them instead of going to Starlink.

Thank you

We tried not to get too specific with customers, but had to put SOMETHING out there, so we just said in many cases it will double their speeds, which we thought was safe. They’re holding on, but that won’t last until 2022 I’m guessing. Every month it’s delayed we’ll lose customers.

Here is what I can tell you. If you look at the F425 AX point to point you more or less see 66% higher performance as compared to 11ac. This is a combination of 1024qam and considerable higher efficiency in AX. When you move to PMP, you will have this increased efficiency, 160MHz channel in 6GHz, 1024 QAm etc. Of course, there is overhead in PMP. We also have a SM that will support 4096 qam. Long story short we are predicting use of all these features and getting considerably higher tput. We do have numbers that we are modeling but I would hate to give you numbers and have them change down the road. Combination of clean 6GHz and AX certainly makes me VERY optimistic that you can fight off Starlink.


Is AFC like SAS?

Yes, but I think that, at least so far, it’s supposed to be more like TV whitespaces and not like CBRS.

This is good information. I will take a rough guess that with an 80mhz channel, we should be able to see 250-500 Mbps peak single SM speeds and up to 1 Gbps aggregate per AP and then even better if there’s 160mhz channels available.

Maybe the 8x8 MU-MIMO will allow even higher than 1 Gbps agg on an 80mhz channel. Hopefully the lab test numbers blow us away!

Keep on trucking and provide us information as you’re able so we can keep our customers informed of what’s coming. This sounds like this will be one rip and replace or overlay that will be 100% worth it. We’ve enjoyed ePMP allowing us to elevate old Ubiquiti hardware and keep backwards compatibility with 3k and legacy SM’s but we’ll happily spend the time and money on 4k with 6ghz to upgrade the entire network if it means the speeds we offer are better than 500 Mbps

We’re going to order a 400/425 link and test it, sounds like we’ll get a lot better performance there and we can swap some backhauls if it’s solid. Will the 400/425’s be upgradable in the future to the new spectrum? We love the 3000’s, very solid, and have a mix of 1000, 2000 and now hopefully 4000’s, even if it’s PtP to start that’s great!


Any updates from management on this? We’ve started deploying fiber as a defensive measure, don’t see any reason to reverse this until the new gear arrives.

Judging from the Animal Farm 2021 slides… I don’t think it will be “6GHz AFC” compliant.

Operation on 6 GHz outdoors will require the AFC. There’s a lot to do to get that up and running – there will be many AFC operators and unlike the SAS they need not be identical, just all compliant with FCC rules – and it looks like everything will have to go well in order to get it running in 2Q22. But a lot of people are on board. Until the SAS, the hardware won’t be useful in the US.

Seems this will speed our fiber deployment since customers are antsy, unless there’s anything else we can do in the interim. Not much bandwidth in 3GHz.