UPS Fire

Never fails, went on vacation and had an interesting new problem

We had a APC battery Back-up explode and catch on fire. Luckily the UPS was in a cinder block basement, however we have these inside peoples homes.

Be careful of placement of UPS, we are currently having someone test the power on the property to try and determine what caused it.

That’s good to know. I had one at my house for a while, inside a mid-size closet and after it started making some noise I turned it off, but I always had that though in the back of my head because it did warmed up a bit during use. Keep us posted

APC’s tend to do that :wink:

Go with Best Power Ferrups.

There was one day we were all in the office. All of a sudden, there was a HUGE ((BANG)) that came from the server room… not what you want to hear at 9:30 in the morning, or ever for that matter. We rushed in there and we didn’t see anything. A few moments later, we could smell something seriously burnt. We checked all equipment and still had nothing showing up. Then I looked down and saw the protective steel sheild bowed outwards that covered our large batteries. One of the batteries had a whole side blown off of it. If the metal wasn’t around it, there’s no telling what might have happend. They are just bellow our coppercom unit! This also brought to our attention that all the other batteries were bulging outward. Had to replace them all.

That was something woke everyone up for sure… better eye opener than folders! :slight_smile:

Always take a moment and check batteries- I guess that’s the point lol.

we are current using a Liebert GXT 1000VA 120V w/ Web Card for monitoring at our CMM locations. We can Monitor Dirty power, battery life remaining, it will tell us when the UPS kicks to battery power… and many more things. They are great units. They run about $920 as we use them but do everything that you want them to do. They will even kick to battery power when dirty power is present. GREAT MACHINES!