UPS for Canopy Cluster

Is anyone using a UPS on a remote cluster (6 or so APs, CMM, BH)? If so, what brand/size seems to be sufficient?

I am coming up with a 300-400W UPS. Is this close, or complete overkill?

What seems to be a good solution for notification of power failure? An SNMP card that sends out trap information/email notification?

If your going to spend several thousand dollars on a cluster, don’t by a cheap UPS for $50. At least buy a 1000-1500 VA for $100-200 and you will get a longer run-time. APC and Liebert make good equipment.

$100-200 for a 1000-1500VA UPS? I want to know which models you’re looking at if you’re finding them at that size for that price… lol … et=4606,3c

That’s the one I keep coming up with when I punch in what I calculate to be the power draw from a loaded CMM, (3.75A * 120V). Should run for about an hour. Is this about right?

I use Tripplite 2200’s on all of my sites (well, AC powered). CMM Micro, 7 AP’s and 2 - 45 Mbps BH’s and I have around 3 hours of runtime - enough for me to get a generator to site. I SNMP cards in them and together with my management software I get text messages on my phone if I lose power to a site.


If you’re using something like What’s Up Gold to ping equipment, rather than listen for SNMP traps, here’s a possibility:

Install a $40 router at the site, but do not power the router with the UPS. Have What’s Up Gold ping the router; when the power fails, the pings fail.


do you mean a Broadband Router?? something like 4port Linksys??
APC BX1500 - 1500VA $179
APC Back-UPS Pro 1100VA $124

I would purchase one of the following OR better:

br1500 with the battery expansion pack (br24bp)