US/FCC Parabolic Support

by Mark Thomas

Recently, some customers have asked how to load the new region code in the PTP 650 to support US parabolic. 

Go to the license key generator page of the external web site and regenerate the license key with Country = USA. There’s no change in the country. This will add the new regulatory bands (91, 92, and 93 as far as I recall) to the license key.

Start the Installation Wizard, install the license key, and move forward to the wireless configuration page.

At this point, if it’s a connectorised radio, the list of available Regulatory Bands should include both parabolic and standard versions of the RBs. Select a new RB. The radio does not know if the external antenna is flat or parabolic. We don’t allow selection of the parabolic RBs on an integrated unit for obvious reasons.