US Region Code for US 5.x GHz APs with Software Release 9.5

The US Region Code for US 5.x GHz APs feature in software version 9.5 may cause some confusion. The characteristics of this feature are described below.

A 5.2-GHz, 5.4-GHz, or 5.7-GHz P10 or higher AP or BH with a Region Code set to United States and upgraded to Release 9.5 will continue to be set to the United States Region Code. Once upgraded to Release 9.5, the region code will not be configurable to another Region Code by installers or end users. As discussed in section 2.17 of the 9.5 Software Release Notes, this is in response to FCC KDB 594280 and ensures that end users and professional installers will not have access to settings which could allow a radio to be configured to operate in a manner other than that which was specified in the FCC equipment authorization grant. After upgrade, the AP or BH will display the Region Code on the Configuration => General page as United States in a gray font, and the parameter is no longer settable. This information can be found on pages 14 - 16 of the Canopy 9.5 Software Release Notes.

Please contact Canopy Technical Support @ 1-866-961-9288, or email if you have additional questions.