Usage of Canopy at Airports

As above suggest will a 5.7Ghz Canopy operate fine in an airport enviroment. This application is for wireless security monitoring via CCTV. Will the Canopy interfere with Airport Radars or vice versa? The Canopy will be shooting right across the airfield.

That would be a question to the techies at the airport.

As long as they are not using anything on the same frequency as you are, it’ll be fine.

So a healthy dose of spectrum analysis and asking them what they are using should get you your answer.

I have check in the Canopy website but I did not see any statement.

Did Canopy do any standard tests with the US FAA to comply with the usage of wireless equipment so as to ensure non inteference with aircraft avionics or the airport radar system ? If not, are there any plans ?

The airport authorities may not know everything but the aviation authorities(eg FAA) has got a set of rules for compliance.


Baseline Magazine did an article some months ago about a security company using Canopy in an airport environment to relay security camera video from remote parking lots at the airport. So the use of Canopy around airports has been done. I should think it would be not so much a question of Canopy interfering with airport radars etc as the other way round since the power levels of most transmitters used there would be many orders of magnitude higher than Canopy. ALso don’t forget that most major airports have 2.4 Ghz hot spots in them already. :smiley:

We considered having a 5.4GHz AP cluster near Heathrow. Unfortunately, the building was on the northern side, not far from the runway, right about the point where the big jets got airbourne - and a lot of the customers would have been on the southern side.

I wasn’t at all sure that customers would get a decent throughput with large lumps of metal flying through their line of sight every three minutes.

Is anyone actually trying to deliver service across an airport; and if so, what is the reliability and jitter like if aircraft are crossing the path regularly?

As an aside, some airport and/or aviation authorities are very strict about transmitters very close to or on airfields - not because the tiny TX power is going to to any damage but due to the age old “something once was thought to affect a landing aircraft so we now ban everything of that type” problem.