USB save/restore config


I noticed in 2.1-r5 GUI you can save now the configuration on a USB drive. However the restore tab gives you only options to restore from flash or no restore.

CLI command config-restore gives you the same options.

Tried File trasfer-> file download

Usage is not clear. Ticking startup-config nex to the source file name and rebooting is not giving the results as expected.

How I can restore the config from USB?


Hi Ivan,

In cnMatrix 2.1-r5 save and restore switch configuration using USB drive is supported. Please refer to the USB section in the attached cnMatrix User Guide - CLI_v2.1 document (pages 171-172). Below are CLI commands to save and restore the config:

config terminal

mount usb


copy startup-config usb:switch1.conf                 <<<< save config to usb

copy usb:switch1.conf startup-config                 <<<< restore config from usb

show usb files



Thanks, it works.