useful tip about setting the time on PTP 820

Don’t forget to include the full UTC date and time (including the seconds!) when you set the time on your PTP 820 links.

You’ll need to ensure the time is correct before you upgrade your software.

You can find this under Platform, Management, Time Services.

Enter the UTC date and time, UTC offset hours, Daylight Saving Start Time, and Daylight Saving End Time.

For example, for the link here in my cube in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, I enter the following:

UTC date and time            28-08-2015 14:14:44

UTC offset hours               -6

Daylight Saving Start Time             Month   3

Daylight Saving Start Time             Day        8

Daylight Saving End Time             Month   11

Daylight Saving End Time             Day        1

I hope this helps!